Drum Beat Lessons

Drum Beat Content

Our Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk, and double bass beats have been repackaged as free drum lessons.

You can download the entire package from Rick's new Drummer Essentials site.

Learn To Play The Drums

Learn the basics of playing drums!

If you have never played a drum beat before, it is pretty important that you stop by the Rock Drum System website and read their article on how to play the drums. They have excellent drum lessons even for drummers that need beginner lessons.

For more information on how to play a drum set, and how to do anything else related to drums... check out the new HowToPlayDrums.com website!

You can also find more drum lesson information on the new DrummerLessons.com website.

Moeller Method DVD Video

Advanced Drum Method for blazing fast speed around the drumkit!

Interested in learning the Moeller Method ? Visit the new Moeller Method Secrets DVD website for complete details about how the Moeller Technique video can improve your drumming overnight.

Heel-Toe Technique

Advanced technique for double bass pedal or double bass drum players.

If you are looking for the original heel and toe technique training video, you can find it on Jared Falk's new double bass drum speed website.

One-Handed Drum Roll

Unique method for playing a drum roll with a single hand!

Looking for the One Handed Roll Training Pack? Visit the new OneHandedRoll.com website for complete details on the unique Freehand Technique.